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Add a shimmer of sparkle to your projects with the Glitter Duster from Stampers Anonymous. To use simply fill the bottle with your favorite dry glitter and pump the unique sprayer to dust glitter on to any liquid adhesive. The glitter duster can be cleaned by pouring any leftover glitter back into your original jar or bag, tapping gently on the bottom of the bottle to get as much to come out as possible. Due to the plastic material of the bottle, there will likely be some static electricity that makes a little bit of glittery residue stick to the inside of the bottle, but you could still refill it with another color at this point and the old color would probably not really show. However, if you wish, you can also rinse it out with plain water (just the bottle, not the sprayer top) and let it dry thoroughly before refilling with another color glitter, which should eliminate the static electricity and most (if not all) of the old color. By: Stampers Anonymous (03-Dec-18).
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